MAR 26 // DAY 56

I awoke on the outskirts of Bangkok. The stewardess was back, gruffly reconfiguring our tiny quarters into seats. I cupped my hands against the windowMORE

MAR 25 // DAY 55

I expected much worse on the windy return ride to Chiangmai, but thankfully slept through most of it. I hadn’t eaten since the previous dayMORE

MAR 24 // DAY 54

I awoke feeling sluggish, but not anything out of the ordinary. Fat Cat Cafe had great reviews and we attempted to drop in for breakfast,MORE

MAR 23 // DAY 53

We woke up early to check out of our accommodation at Tribal Pai. Staying in a teak cabin was neat for about two minutes, but allMORE

MAR 22 // DAY 52

At 11 o’clock, we parked our bike outside of The Good Life Fermentary. The rotund grey-haired facilitator, Les, explained that a larger group was takingMORE

MAR 21 // DAY 51

The road to Pai is a nausea-inducing roller coaster on narrow roads with blind corners and beautiful views. The drivers here have nerves of steel.MORE

MAR 20 // DAY 50

Arizona isn’t the only place with a grand canyon. A few kilometers outside of Chiangmai, an old quarry with rust colored rocks has been convertedMORE

MAR 19 // DAY 49

The bed at Living Place 2 was a little hard for our liking, so we decided to move hostels for our last two nights inMORE

MAR 18 // DAY 48

My elders may recall a time when I was deeply concerned about elephants under my bed and in my closet. I’m still not entirely certain ofMORE

MAR 17 // DAY 47

Today is Tiffanie’s 28 birthday! As such, it was a day filled with animals, motorcycles and tequila. We found a delicious breakfast at a GermanMORE

MAR 16 // DAY 46

We were going to visit Old Town in Mandalay, but after hearing three groups of people with various accents lamenting on its lameness, we tookMORE

MAR 15 // DAY 45

Without an early morning swim, the day heated up quickly and I reveled in the breeze on the back of the motorcycle.  With the sunMORE

MAR 14 // DAY 44

One of my favorite perks of Southeast Asia hostels and hotel is the inclusion of breakfast in the room cost. I don’t mean like continentalMORE

MAR 13 // DAY 43

In the daylight, our journey northward was significantly easier than the white-knuckled adventure we had last night. I was in a fine mood as weMORE

MAR 12 // DAY 42

February through April is the hot, dry and miserable season in Southeast Asia. As luck would have it, on the day we planned a 400MORE

MAR 11 // DAY 41

The best way to negotiate with taxi drivers in Thailand is to show them where you’re going, ask their price, shrug and walk away. GetMORE

MAR 10 // DAY 40

We’re officially open water scuba certified! Our last two dives were at the blandly named green rock and white rock, respectively. The locations themselves wereMORE

MAR 9 // DAY 39

It was a grueling morning filled with.. math. Yes, unfortunately, scuba diving requires crunching numbers and reading tables. After four long hours of nitrogen concentrationMORE

MAR 8 // DAY 38

Somehow, at the last minute, Tiffanie and I managed to get the coolest scuba instructor of all time, all to ourselves for three whole days.MORE

MAR 7 // DAY 37

5 am came quickly. We extracted ourselves from a very cozy bed and stumbled downstairs for a delicious host-cooked breakfast. Over the next few hours,MORE

MAR 6 // DAY 36

In travel, as in life, there are a few crucial decisions that have a dramatic ripple effect on subsequent events. In our case, it wasMORE

MAR 5 // DAY 35

When I was getting the long series of immunizations in preparation for our trip, a nurse recommended John Gray’s Sea Canoe Hong by Starlight tourMORE

MAR 4 // DAY 34

Everything you’ve heard about Phuket is true. There are a few other truths that slightly redeem it, but it’s mostly awful. Fresh from our safeMORE

MAR 3 // DAY 33

Today marks the first year anniversary of my first date with Tiffanie. Our story is complex, but the past several months we’ve spent with eachMORE

MAR 2 // DAY 32

Breakfast was included with our stay at Dewangga. I chose the Traditional Indonesian porridge, which was essentially cream of rice in homemade vegetarian ramen brothMORE

MAR 1 // DAY 31

We pulled ourselves out of bed at 5:30 am to pack for our flight to Bali and returned the rental car with no problems. IfMORE

FEB 28 // DAY 30

Torrential downpours are awesome when you’re inside a building and looking outside through a window. They are less awesome when you’re inside a tent andMORE

FEB 27 // DAY 29

Since I wasn’t planning to visit Sydney in the first place, I definitely wasn’t expecting to have the pleasure of visiting the Fjord studio there.MORE

FEB 26 // DAY 28

After 24 hours in Sydney, I thought we might have peaked on “fun having,” but it only got better. We started the day with aMORE

FEB 25 // DAY 27

SYDNEY. IT’S GREAT. YOU SHOULD GO. I initially heard a few “eh” comments about it from a few people and had low expectations, but IMORE

FEB 24 // DAY 26

It’s around 3:30 am and I’m still driving. Google Maps has led us to a highway away from the coast and through the bush. EvenMORE

FEB 23 // DAY 25

It was raining buckets as we waited to board The Bullet. Rain in Australia is very different than rain in Seattle. It absolutely dumps forMORE

FEB 22 // DAY 24

FEB 22 // DAY 24 The morning was sunny and humid and the trees were filled with wild, noisy macaws sporting black feathers, crimson tailsMORE

FEB 21 // DAY 23

We had a long day of driving in front of us and left Parnella Park early. Our stop for lunch in Townsville was enjoyable. WeMORE

FEB 20 // DAY 22

Our initial plans included camping at Cape Tribulation and a hike up Mount Sorrow, which is approximately two-and-a-half hour drive north of Cairns. Since weMORE

FEB 19 // DAY 21

SeaQuest was out of commission, so we got to go on the newer, faster ReefQuest for the same price. It’s a ninety-minute boat ride fromMORE

FEB 18 // DAY 20

Good thing I checked my phone when I woke up–our flight to Cairns was delayed by about two hours, which made fore a much moreMORE

FEB 17 // DAY 19

Staying at Luke’s was just what we needed. It’s hard to articulate how much I’ve missed creature comforts like sleeping in and free laundry. WeMORE

FEB 16 // DAY 18

If you ever happen to visit the fine city of Melbourne, I have two recommendations: don’t rent a car from East Coast rentals downtown andMORE

FEB 15 // DAY 17

The hills to the south of Christchurch were ablaze with a ravenous brushfire during our visit and the sunny morning was quickly dimmed by theMORE

FEB 14 // DAY 16

Kaikoura is uniquely situated on the edge of a deep ocean trough. This means the waters around the peninsula are rich in nutrients and teemingMORE

FEB 13 // DAY 15

We reconfigured our spaceship’s sleeping arrangements last night and boy did we get a good sleep. The trusty wingroad strikes again. My original sentiments haveMORE

FEB 12 // DAY 14

Hard to believe it’s been two weeks already. Our time in New Zealand is drawing to a close and Australia is up soon. Wish weMORE

FEB 11 // DAY 13

Tiffanie is the most wonderful, amazing, caring travel partner and partner in general. She woke up early and I hadn’t been able to fall asleepMORE

FEB 10 // DAY 12

I will eventually share a video of the scene of horror that greeted my tired eyeballs upon awakening. It was drizzling and approximately one hundredMORE

FEB 9 // DAY 11

On a recent sailing excursion, my friend Adam told our crew about The Two Types of Fun. Type I Fun is fun at the timeMORE

FEB 8 // DAY 10

Punakaiki is beautiful. After a quick breakfast, we toured the pancake rocks and blowholes. The deep bass tones as the waves smashed in between theMORE

FEB 7 // DAY 9

Being such a unique sleeping option at the Trip Inn, the caravan had a limited number of keys. Guess who locked our only set insideMORE

FEB 6 // DAY 8

Instead of mosquitos, New Zealand has these tiny, horrid little sandflies that deliver vicious bites which swell into itchy, pea-sized welts. They enjoy hanging aroundMORE

FEB 5 // DAY 7

We were awoken at 7:00 am by the farmers market that was being set up directly to the left of our car. Since we hadMORE

FEB 4 // DAY 6

Did I mention that we bought a cooler bag when we stopped for groceries? Well, we did and we placed it in the amazing compartmentMORE

FEB 3 // DAY 5

On the gushing recommendation of our friend Kim McArdle, I made reservations for the Black Labrynth Tour at Waitomo Caves weeks in advance, but withMORE

FEB 2 // DAY 4

We landed at 7:30 am and were greeted by an intense, fresh, alive smell that my meager vocabulary cannot do justice. As we meandered throughMORE

FEB 1 // DAY 3

Was spent crossing the international dateline. We’ll gain back the hours of the missing February 1st as we travel west for the next three months.

JAN 31 // DAY 2

Despite our best efforts, we never did find the trail and our epic “bridge to nowhere” hike became the “hike to nowhere” hike. Regardless, ourMORE

JAN 30 // DAY 1

The first day started early. We were already out the door and en route to SeaTac airport by 4:30 am. My usual laissez-faire attitude towardMORE


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