We woke up early to check out of our accommodation at Tribal Pai. Staying in a teak cabin was neat for about two minutes, but all the puppies in the world can’t make up for a lack of hot water, ants in the bathroom, inattentive staff and children hollering right outside our door at 7 am. Grateful for our tiny backpacks, we hopped on the scooter with all our belongings and headed to The Good Life Dacha just a few minutes outside of town for the fermentation class.

Over the next five hours, I learned at least ten jaw-dropping new facts, maybe twenty. Fermentation is incredibly old, incredibly easy and incredibly cool. We prepped a batch of jar-less sauerkraut and sampled a large variety of fermented foods. Here is a list of all the weird things I consumed over the course of the course:

After the class, Tiffanie and I went to Earth Tone cafe and here’s what I ate there:

Take note. The importance of these lists will soon be revealed.